Russia joining EUFA 2018

St Petersburg State University is joining the 3rd EUFA this year! We are happy to welcome Russia and Victor mazin and his class on board.

The Singidunum University in Serbia unfortunately had to call back its participation due to organizational reasons of the course. St Petersburg already signalized its interest earlier but as we can only accommodate a certain number of participating universities to match the budget we are thrilled to welcome Russia in our 3rd edition now. St Petersburg University was established by Peter the Great at 1724. Victor Mazin is teaching "Psychoanalytic Theories of Cinema" and implemented the EUFA in his course: "The EUFA project is of great importance for the students of our class because of the possibility not to be outside of the European trends in film and film studies. It gives us a rare opportunity to be a part of the international program, to have a voice in European chorus. And, of course, the exchange of theoretical positions with the European colleagues is most valuable."