20 participating countries for the 2nd EUFA 2017

The European University Film Award goes into its 2nd year with new participating universities

The European Film Academy (EFA) and Filmfest Hamburg are continuing their cooperation with the 2nd Edition of the European University Film Award (EUFA). The aim of this initiative is to involve a younger audience, to spread the "European idea" and to transport the spirit of European cinema to an audience of university students. It shall also support film dissemination, film education and the culture of debating.

In its First Edition in 2016 EUFA started with 13 universities from 13 different European countries. The Second Edition in 2017 will already see 20 universities from 20 countries and we are happy to welcome the new participants on board:

  • Belgium: University of Antwerp
  • Denmark: Aarhus University
  • Finland: University of Oulu
  • Israel: Sapir College/Scha'ar HaNegev
  • Romania: Sapientia University/Cluj-Napoca
  • Serbia: Singidunum University/Belgrad
  • Spain: University of the Basque Country/Bilbao
  • Switzerland: Université de Lausanne

And to welcome all of our founding members back:

  • Czech Republic: Charles University/Prague
  • France: Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3
  • Germany: University of Rostock
  • Greece: University of the Aegean/Mytilini (Lesbos)
  • Hungary: Pázmány Péter Catholic University/Budapest
  • Ireland: University College Cork
  • Italy: University of Udine
  • Netherlands: Utrecht University
  • Poland: University of Lodz
  • Sweden: Linnaeus University/Växjö
  • Turkey: Kadir Has University/Istanbul
  • United Kingdom: John Moores University/Liverpool

Based on the lists of 51 feature films and 15 documentaries from the EFA Selections 2017 a committee of film experts will decide on the nominations: five films from five European countries. This year's committee consists of Fabian Gasmia (Producer / Germany), Juho Kuosmanen (Director / Finland), Elli Mastorou (Journalist / Belgium and Greece) and Dagmar Brunow (Film Scholar / Linnaeus University / Sweden). The announcement of the five EUFA nominations will take place during Filmfest Hamburg on October 9.

Afterwards, the five nominated films will be viewed and discussed in the respective university classes and each institution will select its favourite film. The films will be viewed between October and December exclusively by the students in the participating classes (10 to 15 persons each). The films will be made available via the EFA VOD Platform for this special purpose.

In early December, one student representative from each university will attend a three-day deliberation meeting. In the moderated debate the students will decide on the overall winner. The Award will be handed out to the winning director in the framework of European Film Awards in Berlin in December.

The European University Film Award 2017 is supported by the Körber Foundation and the Joachim Herz Stiftung and in close collaboration with NECS–European Network for Cinema and Media Studies.