After a strong and passionate debate held by 22 students from 22 European countries in Hamburg the Italian film HAPPY AS LAZZARO (LAZZARO FELICE) by Alice Rohrwacher is the winner of the third European University Film Award (EUFA).

From the jury statement: "Alice Rohrwacher's HAPPY AS LAZZARO is an unconventional contemporary take on Italian Neorealism, shot on 16mm, that overcomes geographical and stylistic boundaries. The movie conveys the harshness of the exploitation of people in contemporary world and tackles topics such as class, poverty and ideology, through the eyes of the main character Lazzaro.

HAPPY AS LAZZARO excels on stylistic level and in its content. The unique vision of Alice Rohrwacher lets the audience breathe, develop closeness to the characters and get immersed into the magical realism atmosphere. With its unconventional structure and pace, the movie let's us discover it piece by piece, thus making it a journey for the viewers. The movie gives a human face to the marginalized and voice to the voiceless, and at the same time escapes the danger of patronizing them. It offers us an original and new interpretation of class, where we experience the struggle of protagonists to break free from their oppressed position and the obstacles that hinder them."

The decision has been made by Charlot Vanthournout (University of Antwerp / Belgium), Hana Pololáníková (Charles University, Prague / Czech Republic), Joachim Jelle (Aarhus University / Denmark), Lotta Laitila (University of Oulu Finland), Nina Pillet (Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 / France), Franziska Weiler (Film University Babelsberg "Konrad Wolf" / Germany), Maria-Vaia Boufeti (University of the Aegean, Greece), Dorá Tibay (Catholic Péter-Pazmany University, Hungary), Kevin O'Shea (University College Cork / Ireland), Nemanja Milosevic (University Udine / Italy), Jort van Slooten (University Utrecht, Netherlands), Adam Teodorczyk (University of Lodz / Poland), Adél Páll (Sapientia University / Romania), Leire Muñoz Castelló (University of Basque Country / Spain), Johan Christensen (Linnaeus University / Sweden), Abel Zuchuat (University of Lausanne / Switzerland), Leia Gill (John Moores University Liverpool / Great Britain), Valerie Malcharczyk, (University Vienna/ Austria), Arína Vala Pórðardóttir (University Iceland/ Iceland), Sandra Meskauskaite (Vilnius University/Littauen), Ieva Augstkalna (Latvian Academy of Culture/Latvia), Ebru Güney (Kadir Has University/Turkey).

The award will be handed over to Alice Rohrwacher during the Europüean Film Awards weekend in Seville, December 14 to 15.