St. Petersburg State University

St Petersburg State University was established by Peter the Great at 1724. The University is very proud by the people who graduated from it: Lev Landau and Dmitry Mendeleev, Ivan Pavlov and Vladimir Vernadsky, Sergei Diaghilev and Igor Stravinsky, Ilya Mechnikov and Vladimir Lenin... Since 2009 St Petersburg University as well as Moscow University have a special status of "unique scientific and educational complexes". The Faculty of Liveral Arts and Sciences of the St Petersburg University where we study cinema is also a joint venture with Bard College.

Course: Psychoanalytic Theories of Cinema

Tutor: Victor Mazin


The EUFA project is of great importance for the students of our class because of the possibility not to be outside of the European trends in film and film studies. It gives us a rare opportunity to be a part of the international program, to have a voice in European chorus. And, of course, the exchange of theoretical positions with the european collegues is most valubale. /vm