Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Film University is a place where film comes alive, a school representing a wealth of different stories and artistic forms, genres and formats, specialization and exchange. In research and teaching, we focus on both scientific and artistic approaches and, thus, actively contribute to the development of media, science, and society. We provide students with film craft skills as well as market and industry expertise while promoting artistic and scientific exchange. Offering Bachelor's, Master's, Meisterschüler, and PhD programs, we allow our approximately 730 students to earn officially and internationally recognized degrees.

Course: BA Digital Media Culture / MA Media Studies / MA Film Heritage

Tutor: Prof. Dr. Skadi Loist


The EUFA course presents a unique opportunity to engage with European film culture. Students get to discuss new aesthetics and narrative trends in European cinema within the context of relevant institutions involved in production and circulation of film such as the European Film Academy and Filmfest Hamburg. Students have the chance to join transnational exchange by jointly judging films with peers and thus actively take part in creating European film culture. /sl