University of Lausanne

The University of Lausanne is a higher teaching and research institution composed of seven faculties where approximately 14,300 students and 3,000 researchers work and study. UNIL is focused on several academic disciplines, especially Medicine, Life Sciences, Geosciences, Environment, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. An emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary approach, with close cooperation between students, teaching staff, and professors.

Course/Department: coordinated in collaboration with Filmons, the student's association of the Film Department

Tutor: Dr. Anne-Katrin Weber


For us, the film students, the European University Film Award is a unique way to watch and discuss movies with our peers, and to critically reflect on European cinema in a collaborative setting. The participation in a selection process gives insight into the role of jurys in other festivals, and invites to consider themes and motifs recurrent across the films. More generally, the EUFA offers a great opportunity to keep in touch with the most recent film production in Europe.