Singidunum University

The Faculty of Media and Communications was established in January 2006 as a unique higher education institution that brings together the most progressive teachers, thinkers and media and communications practitioners in Serbia. The mission of the Faculty is to provide its students with quality education according to the highest European and international standards, thus empowering them to understand, participate in, and promote change in Serbia. The Faculty has employed over 75 regular and visiting professors and teaching associates, including visiting professors from Columbia University (USA), University College London (UK), University of Maine (USA), and elsewhere. The list also includes some of the leading Serbian thinkers, philosophers, writers and sociologists, but also well established editors, journalists and marketing experts.

The Faculty offers over 60 different courses in areas such as broadcast and print media, media management, narrative journalism, investigative journalism, media theories, media communications, public relations, advertising, critical thinking, political marketing, philosophy, psychology, communications theories, and more.

Department: Faculty of Media and Communications

Course: European University Film Award

Tutor: Dr.phil. Gregory de Cuir Jr


The EUFA seminar means providing a chance to university students in Serbia to interact with their European colleagues, to have experience in collaborating on an international scale, through studying the art of cinema as a way to better understand and speak about the world. /gdc