Sapir College

Sapir College is an innovative and young academic environment, located in the mid-southern part of Israel, right at the gate to the Negev desert. The college offers unique programs developed to prepare students to a successful future in the dynamic job market of the future. Sapir's programs combine university-level theoretical studies with practical training in sought-after areas of expertise in the business, financial, industrial, Humanities, Communication, art, media, and of course cinema and television.

Course: Cinematical Diary - critical film watching

Tutor: Anat Even


We see great importance for us in the EUFA project. We believe in the process of sharing and exchanging ideas and inspiration across the globe, in this wonderful community we all belong to: storytellers, filmmakers. The EUFA project is a great opportunity for us to do just that: connect our students and faculty with an amazing group of film schools and hundreds of film students from all over the world. /ae