University of Vienna


Founded in 1365, the University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe and the largest and most diverse educational institution in Austria. With 175 degree programmes, 47 university continuing education and training programmes the University of Vienna is Alma Mater to about 94,000 students.

Course: European University Film Award – Wie diskutiert und evaluiert man (europäischen) Film?

Tutors: Valerie Dirk, Ulrike Wirth


The EUFA project offers a perfect opportunity to engage in discussion about recent European films and the politics that structure film festivals and cultural processes of nomination and evaluation. Also, it gives insight into the working areas of the cultural sector, such as the participation in a film jury, the programming of a film festival and the writing of reviews. Finally, we appreciate the feeling of connectedness with other universities and students all over Europe, who are discussing the same films and topics simultaneously! /vd, uw