University of Beira Interior

The UBI is an alive and vibrant community, recognized for the quality of its teaching, research and knowledge transfer. The UBI performance is guided by a set of academic and human values that define its identity and promote its collective efficiency. Located in Covilhã, a city with old industrial buildings that became, almost naturally, not only a logical solution for the University's physical expansion, but also an option that resulted in the recovery of abandoned buildings that constituted a significant part of the Covilhã industrial heritage making the UBI a unique case in the Portuguese University.

Faculty of Arts and Letters

Course: Filmmakers' theory, MA in Cinema

Tutor: Profª Manuela Penafria


More than stating that a movie is better than others, awards are historical records of what is considered culturally and aesthetically relevant at a particular moment in time. Being able to participate in EUFA 2019 voting process, as UBI Masters' students, is a chance to contribute to the making of this history, pointing and highlighting not only pressing social issues in Europe and in the world today, but also the most interesting and thought-provoking cinematic ways to approach them. And to do this in an academic environment, along with other universities, gives this discussion even more depth and significance. /mp