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The Faculty of Dramatic Arts is a leading academic institution of higher education in the fields of cultural and media studies, film, theatre, media, performing arts and television. Its varied and carefully designed study programs unite artistic and theoretical research and provide a platform for interdisciplinary research. FDA is a member of the University of Arts in Belgrade known for its tradition of productive creativity, quality study programs, eminent professors and exceptional study recourses.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Course: Film Theory / Dept. of Theory and History

Tutor: Prof. Nevena Dakovic Ph.D


By joining the EUFA project this year, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and its Film and Media Studies students welcome the opportunity and the challenge of being in the Student Jury which will select a winning film through critical and analytical debates, theoretical rethinking and joint voting procedures. The very concept of EUFA reaffirms ideas of democracy and freedom so vital for the development of free thinking. Moreover, it substantiates European spirit and identity of unity in diversity. On its part, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts is proud for once again being recognized as an important and valued member of European cultural and cinema space./nd