AAB College

AAB College is the first non-public institution of higher education in Kosovo and a leading university institution in the region in applying an innovative approach towards higher education, science and technology. AAB sets new trends in the area of higher education in Kosovo and in the region and is part of the most relevant networks of institutions of higher education in Europe and wider.
Since 2010 AAB College is a regular member of the Magna Charta Universitatum thereby ensuring recognition of university values and expanding opportunities for building strong cooperation relations when more than 750 universities have signed this document.

Course: History of film and television / Production

Tutor: Fatos Berisha, MA.

Web: www.aab-edu.net

Our goals to be coherent with international trends and developments in cinematography, in our Production program, are also achieved through participation in such organizations and initiatives, as the EUFA Project.
This is a very good opportunity to develop their academic skills, to combine their studies with the practical analytical part and create new connections with international students and colleagues. /fb